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Audit Service

An audit should not be a yearly interruption to the running of the business.  A successful audit service is a continuous enhancement guided by reliable finance experts.

Your annual audit service is a chance not only a pressure.  It is a platform to have an unbiased overview of your financial situation – and consequently your company. A professional watch can emphasize your financial strengths and obstacles, and detect where and how the company can strengthen. It may give peace of mind about what you are carrying out right and give best-practice suggestions from your industry and beyond.

The financial visibility an audit brings about confidence and confidence amongst shareholders, suppliers, partners, and staff.

An Audit service to the value

A lot of audit firms only do what is needed to abide by the mandatory regulation.  But at Aadesh Consultancy we go a lot more.

We have invested substantial resources in building high-quality solutions and systems that underpin our audit lifecycle, and that means you get more than a tick within the compliance box. We provide you with a vibrant understanding of your money and accounting arrangements; and precious assistance regarding how to enhance your company.

Our tax and business performance development teams can then assist you to put into action the alterations we advise.

Varieties of audit services usually classified as under:-

Statutory audit:

We think the statutory audit must be considered a chance, no expense. It’s a legally required overview of the accuracy of a company’s or governments financial records. The objective of a statutory audit is similar to the aim of every other audit – to figure out whether a company presents an excellent and precise reflection of their financial position by evaluating information and facts for example bank balances, bookkeeping data and monetary dealings of Public and Private Companies, Banks, Finance Companies, PSU’s, firms, and Sole-Proprietors.

Internal Audit:

Internal audit, also known as an operational audit, is a voluntary evaluation task carried out by a company to give assurance over the potency of internal controls, risk managing, and governance to assist in the accomplishment of business objectives. Internal audit is carried out by the staff of the company who report back to the audit panel of the board of directors

Internal audit is usually focused on specific major activities including:

  • Checking the strength of internal controls and advising changes
  • Looking into cases of scams and fraud
  • Monitoring compliance with regulations
  • Examining and confirming where needed the financial and operating information
  • Analyzing threat management procedures and policies of the company
  • Evaluating the success, effectiveness, and economy of procedures.

Stock Audit:

It is conducted concerning banking institutions and finance institutions. The goal is to make sure that the security against which funds are loaned by the bank remained safe and valued properly.

Tax Audit:

A tax audit, also referred to as tax inquiry, is an evaluation of one’s tax matters to check on whether they have done what they’re required to within the tax laws like declared all of the assessable income or are entitled to the deductions and tax offsets they’ve claimed on their tax return. Our taxation advisory crew is exceptionally proficient and adequately familiar with all the tax laws of all the countries.

Management Audit:

It is the audit of particular operational management functions (like purchase, sales, stock, fixed assets, specific purpose accounting, mergers, acquisitions, etc.) in which we carefully work together with the management in strengthening all-around performance.

Audit services

Forensic Audit:

Forensic Audit consists of using auditing and investigative capabilities to circumstances that could involve legal significance. Forensic audits are usually necessary for the following conditions:

  • Scams investigations concerning misappropriation of finances, money laundering, tax evasion, and insider trading
  • Quantification of loss in the event of insurance claims
  • Determination of the profit share of business partners in case there is a dispute
  • Determination of claims of professional negligence regarding the accountancy profession
  • Findings of the forensic audit might be utilized in the court of law as professional thoughts and opinions on financial matters.